Scott Gregory Bowles Jr.

About me

Hi, my name is Gregory Bowles and I am a BCCA student. I enjoy computer science, welding, Pokemon TCG (Trading card game), star wars, anime, manga, building pcs, and collecting pins. I have my NCCER card in welding. I have been all over Mississippi, from Jackson to Tupelo. I have an interest in reading and writing. Computer science has always been my passion.

Coding Languages i know






My Python Projects


Pokedex Searcher

This was a python project where we made a search feature using a database where you could search by the "Name", "Type", "Weakness", and "Generation" the pokemon were added in. All the way up to gen 3
Date Finished: October 2020


This was a python banking app we made using Sql in python, loops, classes, functions and SQl Databases.
Date Finished: November 2020

My Html Projects

Tribute page

This is my Html Tribute page on the Pokemon Rillaboom.
I used CSS to make the styles.
Date Finished: November 2020

Technical Documentation

This is my Html Technical Documentation page on C++.
I used CSS to make the styles.
Date Finished: December 2020.